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Can you make candles with pure coconut wax?

In addition to the two reasons above (cost savings and melting point), adding coconut oil to another type of wax helps candles burn more slowly and evenly, and prevents tunneling. It is also commonly blended with other natural waxes to create candles with better burning quality and aromatic throw. At present, all coconut waxes are generally mixed with soy wax to increase the melting point. That said, coconut wax is still not perfect.

Is coconut wax good for candles?

Coconut wax is a colourless and odourless wax made from cold-pressed coconut meat or coconut oil mixed with soy wax. Although they have some drawbacks, coconut wax candles are an excellent sustainable and non-toxic alternative to paraffin wax. Natural waxes such as soy, canola, coconut, and beeswax are the best choice for those looking for candles that burn clean without worrying about indoor air pollution. Candles made from paraffin wax can have a stronger scent, but they burn quickly, so you often have to buy more candles.

Is coconut wax too soft for candles?

At present, paraffin waxes are considered the best to create a strong fragrance. This is why many brands still use paraffin wax in their candles. For freestanding candles, you’d better look at beeswax or similar mixtures that hold better against heat. Generally speaking, wax is a combustible, carbon-containing solid that becomes liquid when heated above room temperature. Harvesting the oil is an organic process in which coconuts themselves are a sustainable, high-yielding plant.

Is coconut wax or beeswax better for candles?

At the end of the day, the type of wax or mixture you choose for your candles depends on what you value the most. Soy is better than paraffin wax (derived from petroleum, coal or oil shale) and beeswax that is not so sustainable. A beeswax candle comes from bees and their hives and even adds a touch of sweetness to the air. Beeswax is another type of candle wax that has been around for thousands of years, even from Egyptian times.