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How To Distinguish A Candle

As we already mentioned, candles are a lovely way to illuminate your home and create some additional light or relaxation. There are many types of candles, so it is important to know what kind of candle you have before deciding how to use it.

There are two main things that set a candle apart from each other- their color and their shape. The color of the wax and the length of time the candle burns determine its overall effect on the room. For example, if the candle is very bright then it will wash out the surrounding colors in the room, creating an empty looking space. A burned down candle also leaves this empty feeling space.

The opposite is a dimmer candle which takes longer to burn down and therefore leaving more texture in the area. Both effects can be eliminated by buying new candles! Luckily, there are several tips here for ways to identify your candle so that you do not need to spend money on new ones.

Look for patterns in the wax

how to distinguish a candle

As we mentioned before, there are three main components of candle wax – paraffin, soy, or vegetable oil, and colorants such as titanium dioxide and iron oxides.

Since most candles have both their wick and flame coated in melted wax, it is important to determine if the wax is fluid by looking at the shape of the piece and whether the shape has changed.

If you notice that the wax is solid but gets thinner as you pull away from the top of the candle, then it has probably set into liquid form and can be pressed down. If it does not thin out significantly when pulled up, then it will likely harden later and be difficult to use.

The length of time that each component takes to melt and set depends on the temperature of the wax, the thickness of the layer, and the amount used. Since all these factors vary between candles, there is no way to tell how long it will take until they are gone!

Another way to identify if a candle has gone soft or burnt out is to check if the surface is cool to the touch. If it is, then it has still had some burn time and it is worth having one last beautiful look before it fades.

Look at the color of the candle

how to distinguish a candle

The wick or length of the candle that is burning can also make a difference in how it looks. If the candle is brown, darker near the top where there are drips from the melted wax, then it has not been properly prepared for use.

This could be due to the burner being placed too close which does not give enough time for the wax to melt down and stick the wick completely. Or, the flame may go out before the candle is fully burnt away.

Because candles contain some flammable chemicals such as alcohol, benzene, and/or toluene, having an unburned part left exposed can cause fire or burn related accidents.

Touch the surface of the candle

how to distinguish a candle

The first way to tell if your candle has melted down is by touching the surface. If you can feel any kind of wax, then it has not completely burnt out.

This could be due to two things. Primarily, there may still enough time left for it to burn through. Or, the wick may have been pulled up out of the container which has caused the flame to go out.

Either way, do not worry! You can always try buying another one and see how that burns down. We recommend holding the candlestick close to your skin or dipping a finger in the liquid just to make sure it does not hurt or contain anything harmful.

On the other hand, if the whole thing seems burnt down but there is still some fluid at the bottom, then it should be said goodbye. Make sure to properly dispose of it so as to avoid poisoning yourself or others.

Blow into the candle

When using a candle, one of your first actions should be to blow it out. This is not limited to leaving it burning in an empty room or walking away for a few minutes- you need to do this immediately after putting it down!

Why? Because when you blow air onto any object, the surface tension takes over. Surface tension is that attractive force that causes water drops to cling together and molecules within the material to cluster together.

When candles are burnt down to their melted state, there is no longer enough wax to hold the flame steady. As such, the oxygen can’t be pulled out as quickly, creating an imbalance which results in combustion.

This could result in fire and/or smoke, so if you must go off the light the candle, try to do it as soon as possible! Luckily, there are some easy ways to determine if a candle has gone out.

Ask the store for feedback

how to distinguish a candle

As mentioned before, there is no regulation that requires color disclosure or ingredient lists in general. However, some countries do require certain candles to be labeled as gel products or phthalate free. So make sure you are aware of which types of candles are needed where to ensure your loved ones safe fires.

By law, gel product candles must have an ingredients list and picture label. Phthalates need to be listed with precautionary warnings. Both of these components can potentially hurt your health if enough exposure occurs.

Candles that say they are fragrance-free may not actually be because most people cannot tell the difference between a scent and a chemical compound! If you are very picky about smells, this could be important to you.

In addition to looking at the labels, ask the seller what type of candle it is and how old it is during the purchase process.

Test the scent

how to distinguish a candle

The length of time a candle burns is very important because different burn lengths require different chemical compounds. When choosing a wax-based candle, make sure it is longer than just to feel good on your skin. These candles need to be more than an hour to be considered “candle” products.

Most florals are made from synthetic materials that do not contribute to healthy skin. If you can’t stomach the smell or it makes you sick, then don’t use it. For most people, the natural oils in beeswax are fine but if you have sensitive skin, talk with your friends about which ones work for you.

You should also check out whether the colors used in the candle are safe for your skin. Many types of glitter and dye contain chemicals such as lead or cadmium that could potentially cause health problems. Color additives are banned only for candles labeled ‘for direct contact with all surfaces.

Look for a label that lists the ingredients

how to distinguish a candle

As we mentioned before, there is no standard regulation as to what makes a product contain wax or not. Some companies choose to use the term ‘natural petroleum’ instead of just saying ‘petroleum�’ which can be confusing.

A natural petroleum source is any naturally occurring mixture of hydrocarbons (the chemical compound form of oil) that contains some cycloparaffins. Cycloparaffins are made up of repeated cycles of four carbons with an oxygen in between each cycle.

These compounds do not occur naturally in pure forms, they require additional chemicals to create them. Therefore, when you see this word ‘petrolium’ or ‘pure petrol’ it is usually trifluoroacetic acid(TFA) or paracyclohexane oxide(PCMO) that has been added during production to create the finished product.

Both TFa and PCMO can contribute towards strong flames and longer lasting candles. These chemicals are also very expensive so most manufacturers add enough to make sure their candle does not burn completely down.

Buy a sample to hold

how to distinguish a candle

Many sellers will include an additional candle or two in their cart, but they are usually limited to either free shipping or receiving a small discount because of it. What most people do not realize is that this item should be picked up at the seller’s location!

If you find someone who has enough reviews to indicate they have good quality products, then going out to pick up a few candles is acceptable. If there are no reviews, you can still order them and go see for yourself, just make sure you will be able to test the product before buying so you don’t spend money on something bad.

And once again, if you ever receive a poor review, walk away– forget about what person doesn’t like your candle and focus more on how great yours looks and works.

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