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Do i need to prime my wicks?

Then let the wax harden and store the wick until you need it. Then remove the wick from the wax and let the wax harden. Since one reason people use wire core wicks is that the wick is stiffer and can stand upright, using a primed wick helps to give the wick some of that quality without the need to use a wire core wick. Cored wicks are used for container candles to help them stand upright when the wax is poured and do not bend down into the wax pool when the candle burns.

The difference may be that raw wick is presented on cheaper candles, they start to shine and also look a bit messy.

Do I need to prime my wicks?

A more professional solution is priming the wick – it looks much nicer, but it also has the added benefit of the wax being ready when you light the wick. If you are making container candles with a paraffin-based wax blend, prime your wick with paraffin and not in the container mix. If I didn’t buy my wicks that are already prepared for my containers, I wouldn’t bother with it as IMO it’s an unnecessary step in candle making. Primed wicks stand upright in a container. So if you can’t find a wick with a core that is large enough for a very large candle, you can use a primed large square or flat braid, or even a shoelace.

Do I need to grow candle wicks ahead?

This can affect the stability of the wick, the temperature of the wick, and also the candle burn. There’s nothing wrong with using wicks that are already waxed as it can be a tricky business and many candle makers prefer someone else to do it. That is, after the wax has hardened on the wick, they dip the wick into the wax again and repeat the whole process. But at first I thought I’d briefly mention why you’d want to use a pre-waxed wick as opposed to your standard wick.

The YouTube video produced by Wedo below shows some of the technologies used in the production of raw candle wicks. But we’ve gone a bit further and showed you how to use a wooden wick, but also use more advanced methods like multiwicking a candle.