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Do beeswax candles need special wicks?

Each comes with wick bottles and is pre-coated with soy wax for easy handling. I don’t want to be a candle manufacturer. I just want to do it in the simplest way possible, but still have a nice candle. The flame is nice and bright with no traces of smoke and the candle burns down to the ground without looking ugly and misshapen. They are a symbiotic relationship between air, wax and wick.

A cymbal deeper than ¼ inch indicates the wick is too big.

Which wicks should be used for beeswax candles?

The wick is responsible for much of the success in producing beeswax candles from flame to melting pool. ECO candle wicks are basically a seedless flat weave that is interwoven with 100% organic cotton and paper fibers for high strength. Even soy candles cannot be compared to beeswax, as most soy in the USA is genetically modified and heavily contaminated with pesticides. The table provides some general guidelines for wick sizes, but to ensure that the correct wick size is used, a fire test must be performed.

Can you use wooden wicks with beeswax candles?

It is important to note that essential oils are quite flammable, but when properly mixed into the candle, they burn well. Both hard and soft woods can be used to make wooden wicks, but balsa wood sticks are the easiest and least expensive option available. Place beeswax and coconut oil in a pyrex measuring cup and place in a pan that contains a few inches of water. WOODWICK candles are safe to burn, but as with any candle, there are a few best practices when dealing with an open flame to not only ensure your candle burns cleanly, but also to keep your home safe.