Where is CraftersBuzz Traffic Coming From?

Where is CraftersBuzz Traffic Coming From?

Average traffic as of June 2006 is just over 2,000 people a day with the average page views at about 20, that is 40,000 page views every day. With just over 5,000 craft items on the website, it's a fair bet that your items are being viewed every day.

CraftersBuzz gets about half of its traffic from search engines and online means. The traffic is divided between Google, MSN, Yahoo!, AOL, ask.com and about 10 smaller search engines.

A substantial investment has been made in google ads to drive customers to the site, especially during the holiday season. We can never guarantee that anyone will buy any particular item, but we are doing our part to make sure people get to your ads. (Make sure your ads are as good as they can be, see maximizing ad potential)

Some of the traffic is generated by crafters posting links to their gallery on posting boards and forums. This gives advertisers a free place to show off their products and get new customers to the entire website to see everyone's items.

A large percentage of traffic is generated from outside print advertising in newspapers, magazines and via direct mail.

Our brochures are mailed to wholesalers, craft retailers, crafters, craft show attendees and other people we believe will be potential buyers for the advertised products. Our direct mailings are generally small and limited to a few thousand people at a time. But that is large in comparison to the number of advertisers we have on the website.

We also have several hundred of our own websites and our own text based ad system that runs from http://bumblebeeads.com. This allows us to run millions of ad impressions a day without paying a company like Google or Yahoo!. With our own company owned websites far exceeding 100 million pages, we have a great stream of traffic that we can be directed to any feature on this website.

Additionally, we have hundreds of customer websites that are just parked on our servers as part of our free parking service in our domain sales. Each of these sites can include ads for CraftersBuzz.

Because our base is so large, we can generate traffic from many sources. This is something that an individual website could not do without spending large amounts of money on advertising and even more to maintain traffic flows. We would not be able to drive the traffic to the site without our hosting network and company owned websites.

Our support structure gives every advertiser the benefit of our entire network resources. And best of all... its FREE!

We have found that getting traffic to a craft website is not as easy as we had anticipated. We have many sites that produce 10 times the daily traffic as CraftersBuzz with almost no effort. But all the effort here is well worth it. We have a great group of people listing items and very satisfied buyers. The site is growing in popularity and we have generated many hosting clients as a result of them finding us through the craft industry.

Contrary to popular belief, traffic does not just happen - you have to work for it. We continue to make a strong effort to drive buyers and crafters to this website and watch it grow.