Resizing Images for Ads

Resizing Pictures to Fit

If you received a message from Crafter's Buzz that your picture size is too big, you must first find out the size of your image.

Our system will not accept images that are larger than 600kb. A 600kb image is quite large and is more than an adequate size to display your product.

If you are having a problem uploading the image, you need to find the size of the image.

The easiest way to find the size of the image is to go to your Desktop and double-click on My Computer (it will be a picture of a computer). When you double-click on the icon, you will see your computer directory starting with your major drives. Most likely, your pictures are somewhere on drive C. You will need to locate the pictures in your computer. Unfortunately, we cannot give you specific directions on how to do this because the structure of every computer is different. Once you find the pictures, put your mouse over one of the pictures and right-click on it. You will see a Menu that will have Open, Cut, Copy, etc. Click on the last option in the menu: Properties. You will have another Window pop-up. One of the descriptors is Size (circled below):

In the above example, the size is 52.1KB. This is an acceptable size on our system. If you see MB or GB, then the size is too big! You will need to make the picture smaller.

Be advised that every image is probably a different size. You should check the sizes of all the images, however, if you saved them in the same fashion, then they will likely be close to the same size.