Placing Ads

To place an add on Crafter's Buzz you first need to sign up for an account. Accounts are free. To learn about setting up an account, please click here.

Once you sign up for an account, you will need to log into your Crafter's Buzz Management Console. Simply type your username and password into the log in box that you can find at the top of every page:

Once you log in, click on the Place Ad link towards the top of the page:

You will be taken to the Add Items page that looks similar to the image below.

You will need to fill in the requested information.

  1. Enter the item name.

  2. Enter the item price. No dollar sign is necessary.

  3. Enter the quantity of the item you have available. This is not a required field and this information is not posted in your ad. By default the quantity is set to 1.

  4. Enter the stock number of your item. This is not a required field. Please note that you will NOT be able to change this information without reentering the ad. Having a stock number, however, is good because it helps potential customers to easily identify the item.

  5. Select the category for the item. Click on the little arrow () next to the word Category to see a list of all the categories available. Please read the ENTIRE list because you will NOT be able to change the category of item without reentering the ad. If the item is placed in the wrong category - such as clothes being placed in the Cards category - we will remove the item. However, you can place different clothes into say Clothing and Gifts. DO NOT PLACE THE SAME ITEM into different categories.

  6. Write a description for your item. Please write a good description. If you are not sure of what a good description would entail please read this page.

  7. If you have different options for your items, please enter the choices here. The "extra cost" is added to the base price of the item. Per the example you see on the side, the cost of the medium top is $14.00.

  8. Once you have your information entered, click Continue.

When you click on Continue you have the option of adding a picture.

Clicking the Browse button will pop up a window showing the files stored in your computer. Select the image you wish to upload, click open and the image location will appear in the text box next to the browse button - something similar to: C:\Documents and Settings\....

The Clear button will clear the file from the upload text box.

Upload Later will take you back to the Add Items page.

Clicking the Upload Button will begin the upload of the image to the server. If the image is successfully uploaded you will be sent back to the Add Items page (see image above). If the image is too large you will receive an error message stating that your image is too large. You will need to use an image editing program on your computer to resize your image. If you do not have image editing software or are not sure how to use it, please read the resizing your images section.