Keywords for Crafters Ads

Keywords in Ads

As a hosting company we are asked almost certainly on a daily basis, "where do I put the keywords for the search engine?" And although it would be nice if we could tell Mr. Google or Mr. Yahoo that we want to be number 1 under the term "Crafts," unfortunately, the real world it just does not work that way.

A quick search for crafts yielded 267 million pages. The odds of being number 1 or even showing up in the results are less than your chances of winning the "Power Ball Multi State Lottery."

If that is the case then how do people find your pages?

It is more likely that you will be number 1 for more complex search strings, such as "Crafts by Joe's Woodworking" or some other string of words likely to appear in your ad. For this reason, it is critical to have good descriptions with at least 100 words or more. And, yes that takes more time but, it takes work to make money so get to it!

Most people believe that potential customers are searching for one or 2 words. The list below is a random sample of some keyword searches on a random day. Each is followed by the actual page that google, yahoo or MSN sent the person to.

This is to show you that people are finding your ads and that it will take some effort to write descriptions that are appealing to the search engines and to customers searching the craftersbuzz database, which incidentally is considerably smaller than googles'.

Sample Keyword Searches

Keywords Search Engine Item Page
rhinestone transfers yahoo /showad.cgi?Clothing&96740gnfn.dat
red sundress yahoo /showad.cgi?Pets&96743uwpw.dat
Fabric Pittsburgh Steelers yahoo /showad.cgi?Miscellaneous&94460sgwb.dat
Carousel Italian Charms yahoo /showad.cgi?Jewelry&90432dstz.dat
Bags Juice Purse yahoo /showad.cgi?Handbags&96606azcj.dat
apple caramel covered yahoo showad.cgi?Candles&93646rfyy.dat
Care Bear diaper bag yahoo /showad.cgi?Handbags&96106awhj.dat
wolf howling moon yahoo /showad.cgi?Wood&95574jcfq.dat
how to make fun fur belts yahoo /gallery.cgi?CROCHETER
custom photo purse yahoo /showad.cgi?Photographs&94698ythn.dat
craft shows South lake tahoe google Craft Show Calendar
sacred heart necklace google /showad.cgi?Jewelry&94848xhyw.dat
biagi eight ball beads google /gallery.cgi?JANEEN
decorative toilet tank cover sets google /showad.cgi?Miscellaneous&98371eshx.dat
bright silver beads google /showad.cgi?Jewelry&98802ygib.dat
tea bad folding tiles google /showad.cgi?Miscellaneous&96963vswd.dat
towel cake google /showad.cgi?Gifts&99012uckn.dat
corn hole game google /showad.cgi?Toys&97585gycg.dat
soapwort powder google /gallery.cgi?MOOSELADY
balloon shell candles google /showad.cgi?Candles&98955dtvg.dat
micro macrame jewelry msn /gallery.cgi?KAYTEE
craft shows in oakland county michigan msn /calendar.cgi
24oz candle msn /gallery.cgi?PATIENCEKEA
hand knit purse msn /showad.cgi?Handbags&96396qytj.dat
guitar pick earrings msn /showad.cgi?Jewelry&94198nfak.dat
scroll saw prortraits msn /gallery.cgi?NATHAN
personalized baby blankets msn /showad.cgi?Gifts&97124mkrw.dat
cute planters msn /showad.cgi?Glass&92934vnib.dat
vase gems msn /showad.cgi?Glass&94622aegd.dat

This table is not intended to show you what keywords to include in your descriptions, but rather to show you that any words you include are potential keywords and can bring in traffic. If you only have a few words in a description, it is likely that the ad will never be viewed. Since much of the craftersbuzz traffic is redirected to the sellers website, it is in your bet interest to make the descriptions as long and descriptive as possible.