Adding Images to Pages

Adding Images To Posts

Adding images is a little more complicated and must be done in a series of steps.

First you must know where the image is on your own computer. The image must be in jpg, jpeg or gif format. There are many image formats that your computer can use, however only the three mentioned will work on the web. The image must be under 200kb in size. Larger images will take too long to download.

To use images on your pages they must first be on the web server. You can upload up to 20 pictures to an image gallery that can later be inserted into your forum posts.

To upload images click on picture of the camera in the editor:

You will see a side window pop up. Your page will look similar to this:

Click on the blue link that says Click to Upload Images and the window will change to:

Clicking the Browse button will pop up a window showing the files on your computer. Select the image you wish to upload, click open and the image location will appear in the text box next to the browse button.

The Clear button will clear the file from the upload text box.

Clicking the Upload Button will begin the upload of the image to the server. If the image is successfully uploaded you will be see the image displayed in your gallery:

If the image is too large or in the wrong format you will receive an error message advising you that there was a problem.

Once you have the image in your gallery, you simply click on it with your mouse and the image will be moved into your message. Then you can drag the image and drop it to exactly where you want it on the page:

You can also click and drag the thumbnail from the window to the page. This will insert the smaller thumbnail rather than the full image.

You can click on the images in the editor and resize them to fit in the page you are building. This will not change the properties of the image but will modify how it is displayed in the page.