Adding Hyperlinks

Adding Hyperlinks

You can also use this editor to add hyperlinks (i.e., a link to an item that you like in your gallery). Adding hyperlinks is very easy. All you need to do is use the hyperlink button: (it is the one with the chain links).

You will need to type some text, as in my example below, I have typed the words:

"To find information about hosting, click here!"

You then need to highlight the part of the text you want linked and click on the link button (shown above).

In my example I highlighted the entire sentence.

When you click on the button, another window will pop up asking you for the url. Type in the url of the website or area of the website you want the person to go to when they click the link, such as

This must be a complete url including the http://

You can also link images. Rather than highlighting the text, click on the image and follow the above steps.