Changing Font Type Style and Color

Changing Text: Center, Bold, Color, etc.

Now, lets use some of the choices below the Style, Font, and Size options. I will use the text from the previous page. You may want to center the text, put some colors in, bold words, underline them.. and so on... you will use the set of options below:

Most of you probably know what all of these buttons do, but just in case you do not, here is a little explanation:

If you forget while you are working with the editor, just hold your mouse over the option and a brief explanation will appear.

I centered the 1st paragraph by highlighting it and clicking the (Center button).

I underlined the second sentence of the 1st paragraph by highlighting it and clicking (Underline button).

By highlighting the third sentence and clicking , the sentence was italicized .

To make the third sentence bold, again highlight the text and click (Bold button).

To change the color of the text, highlight and click .

To change the color of the background, highlight and click .

When you click on text or background button, you will have a color chart appear:

Select the color you like and watch it change. I changed the text "constantly" to red and "look forward" to a purple/blue.

I changed the background of "legal way" to a shade of yellow. Here is the outcome: