Changing Text:

Changing Text: Spacing, Style, Font, and Size


You typed your text. Now, you want to make it easier to read by putting in line breaks (or paragraph breaks), colors, and maybe centering the text. To put line breaks or paragraph breaks, just do what you normally do when you want a break: press enter (or return) on your keyboard where you want the break to occur.

Style, Font, and Size

The options at the top of the editor screen are: Style, Font, and Size.

  • Style allows you to change the style of the text - the default is paragraph.
  • Font allows you to change the font of the text. You will notice that there are only five options: Arial, Courier New, Times New Roman, Verdana and Comic Sans MS. This is because these are the only fonts that you can expect every computer to have.
  • The last option is size. You can use Size to change the size (how big or small) of the text.

To use any of the options, highlight the text that you want to make the change to, then click on the arrow to see other options and make your choice. If you do not highlight the text, then there will be no change.

Below is how I changed my text - the 1st paragraph uses the Style option (I used Heading 3) and Font option (I used Verdana), the second paragraph has a different Font (I used Arial) and Size (I used 5):