How to use the Editor

WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get

This WYSIWYG editor makes it very easy to write text using visual aids to format the text as you like.

Below is how the editor appears when you first open it:

Simply click your mouse it the large white area in the center and start typing. As you saw on the previous page, this editor is modeled after the standard windows type word processor. You may already be familiar with the editor functions if you have ever used any word processing program.

Highlight text and change the font size, color, justification, add links and pictures using the editing tools. You can also link images and adjust image size using the editor.

When you are finished, simply click the "Post Your Page" button at the bottom and your response will be posted to the forum. You can view your response by clicking on it from the topic response list.

Clicking the "Exit Editor Without Saving" link will close the editor without posting your page.

A great thing about this editor is that it allows you to modify the HTML code of your post. Selecting The View HTML box will show you the actual HTML code of your post. You can edit the HTML if you know how.

Read the next few pages for details on changing fonts, adding links and images.

Using the Crafter's Buzz Forum Posting Editor

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