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Which printer is good for printing labels?

Changing labels quickly for a new fragrance is also a breeze. Brown kraft paper is stunningly beautiful and is perfect for labelling candle containers with a rustic theme. Whether you’re printing hundreds of labels per day or just a few for a special job, the LX series makes it easy. When durability and water resistance are a priority, Primera’s LX3000 uses pigment inks for highly water- and smudge-resistant labels when combined with synthetic label stock.

Primera is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialty printing equipment such as color label printers, label applicators, disc publishers, edible ink printers, and slide and cassette printers.

Which labels do I need for candles?

In this way, potential customers learn to connect your exceptional product to your company. Sticky labels work with a variety of materials, making them a great choice for cans to candles. It should be the wax weight of your candle and NOT the weight of the entire finished candle with the container. CTM has built a reputation based on decades of good design, local manufacturing, and excellent support for customers interested in purchasing an automated labeling system.

This goes without saying, make sure your potential customers have the opportunity to decipher what the candle smells like.