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What kind of glitter do you use for candles?

You want to make sure that your candle doesn’t pose a greater fire risk than a candle without glitter. While glitter can be a fun addition to your candle, you need to make sure you’re making a safe product. Thick or large glitters will definitely make your candle look pretty, but you run the risk of clogging the wick or possibly having a fire hazard. There is a risk of fire when using large or chunky glitters.

Can you use glitter in candles?

Because it’s made from natural ingredients, it turns to ash when burned instead of melting like normal plastic glitter. There are several alternatives to traditional glitter that do not allow you to create a potential fire hazard at home. Mica powder is an equally safe choice, but produces a subtle shimmer rather than a direct glitter effect. Please remember to check if the glitter indicates that it is safe for candles, otherwise avoid it.


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