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What are the numbers on the paschal candle?

The current year is meant to mean that God is present among the people gathered around the candle here and now. %26 Baumer Pascal Candles will start with an experienced liturgical design team that develops Paschal concepts to add grace and reverence to the sanctuary. Each Sculpted Light Paschal candle is hand carved from a model and then crafted in a silicone mold into which perfectly blended wax is poured. The central cross on the candle design marks it as a Christ candle and its flame burns despite the death that Christ had to endure.

A beautiful symbol of new life through the risen Christ.

What is the Easter candle and what does it represent?

Although some communities buy a new candle every Easter to represent Christ’s new life, other communities keep the same candle for several years and use the decals provided to change the year markers. The Easter candle is the first candle that is lit with a flame from this sacred fire and represents the light of Christ that comes into the world. Municipalities may have different Easter celebrations and very different looking Easter candles, but the meaning and symbols are universal. The candle, which represents Christ himself, is placed on a special Easter candle stand near the altar.

What are the numbers on the Easter candle?

The Easter candle remains on its special candlestick in the sanctuary for the full 50 days of Easter and is lit during this time for liturgical services. A temporary solution could be to place the baptismal font and Easter candle in relation to the ambo, albeit outside the sanctuary. The word paschal is the equivalent of the Greek pashes, derived from Aramaic pasá¥ae and Hebrew pesaá¥, which means crossing. Dadant Paschal candles are characterised by outstanding craftsmanship and adherence to the highest standards in terms of design and artistic talent.

Why does the Easter candle have a special place in the church?

The symbolism of Easter candles is rich and varied and is a great way to be creative with your designs for your own Easter candles. During Easter night on Holy Saturday, the priest or deacon carries the candle in a procession into the dark church. The Easter candle has a beautiful meaning for Christians, with its rich symbolism and its origins in the early centuries of Christianity. Each year at Easter vigils, these words penetrate the darkness as Christians gather around the light of a large candle.

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