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Is it safe to put crystals in candles?

It sounds a bit crazy to say that lighting a Lemon Canary candle makes me happy, but it really does. Don’t let it burn out by itself as there is almost no wax in the bottom of the glass and a crystal will cause excessive heat and may even break the glass. Beeswax candles candles Coconut wax candles essential oils scented oils humidifier incense sticks oil diffusers paraffin candles reed diffusers skin balm skin lotion soy wax candles wax melts Yankee candles Keep shaking and adding more glitter to the top of your candle until you’re happy with the cover.

What do crystals do in candles?

When people think of candles, one of the first thoughts that come to mind is to use them to create an atmosphere without setting an energetic intention. Then, as you melt the surface of the candle, the wax melts around the crystal to create a smooth, flat surface. And the types of these crystals include tumbles, dots, blanks, chips, clusters, spheres, and hearts. Crystal candles, also known as intent candles or gemstone candles, have been used for thousands of years.

For example, crystals are known to generate energy that promotes meditation, affirmations, and overall spirituality.


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