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How to use uncrossing candle

When the candle is ready, place it in a candlestick, candelabra, or other heat and fire resistant candlestick. Take a moment to set your intention and then light the flame. Snider Contributor Authors%26 Enchantments Staff Ana Vice Carmen Pourie Coleman drew Veronica Boscia Kristi Kleineva Crawford Victor Castrofaith guest% 26 more. Unticking helps release and untick (unlock) the conditions and energies that may be in your way. According to employees, Enchantments sees a number of non-witches at the candle bar authors looking for a selection assignment, lawyers hoping to land a large client, dating veterans in search of true love.

We call it the “Exorcism Candle” because it aims to remove all bad, low vibes and negativity within the person and/or space.