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How To Remove Candle Wax From A T-shirt

As we all know, candle wax will melt away when exposed to heat, but it can also stick to some materials such as glass or plastic. If you find that your t-shirt is sticking due to melted candle wax, there are several easy ways to remove this residue.

In this article, I will go over three simple tips that have worked for many people.

Use a wet paper towel

how to remove candle wax from a t-shirt

If you notice your t-shirt hanging loose or if there are some melted candle pieces on the surface, then it’s time to wash the shirt!

The first thing you should do is use a dry paper towel to wipe off any excess wax that has dripped onto the surface of the t-shirt. Make sure to scrape the burnt parts of the candle with the tip of the paper towel so they don’t end up in the washing machine!

After cleaning the surface of the t-shirt, roll the material up into a tight bundle and lay it out to dry. When it’s completely dried, unroll and iron it to make it feel fresh again.

Use rubbing alcohol

how to remove candle wax from a t-shirt

For people who are having trouble removing candle wax from their t-shirt, trying using rubbing alcohol instead of water is an effective solution. Alcohol is a very powerful solvent so it can work better than liquid soap or dry cleaner chemicals in some situations.

Many people use rubbing alcohol as a way to remove grease and/or fat from food. It works by breaking down molecules of the oil or greasy substance, creating a mixture that you then wash away.

So if your hands get sticky due to the candle wax, try washing them with rubbing alcohol! (Make sure to rinse thoroughly afterwards.

Use denatured alcohol

how to remove candle wax from a t-shirt

There are two main types of alcohol that can be used to remove candle wax from clothing. Denatured alcohol is typically less expensive, but it may not work as well as more expensive alcohols.

Regular alcohol will dissolve most normal oils, including your body’s natural oil production, so make sure you test it first by dropping some drops onto an empty surface — like your hand or table top. If the alcohol completely dissolves the oil, then there is no need to continue using it because you would just rinse off the excess away.

However, if the alcohol does not fully soak up the oil, then use the more expensive option at the next step! 😉

Clothing dryers often contain a bottle of alcohol which you can pour into the machine to help clean out dirty clothes.

Use vinegar

how to remove candle wax from a t-shirt

There are many ways to remove candle wax from clothing. For some, using alcohol is the best way to go about it because it acts as a cleaner. However, most people do not like working with alcohol due to its potential to hurt or stain your skin.

Another common method used to clean melted candle wax off of clothes is using water. Unfortunately, this may re-melt the already hardened wax onto the fabric. Using an acid such as vinegar will break down the wax, removing it effectively.

Vinegar can be mixed into a solution directly on the affected area or use a material such as cotton that can be washed later. Make sure to mix in enough vinegar so that there is an adequate amount for the job!

Removal time should be slightly longer if you use this technique since the vinegar will take more time to work. Letting the shirt dry completely before moving or wearing it is also important to prevent wrinkling.

Use a hair dryer

how to remove candle wax from a t-shirt

When you burn candles, there is always some leftover wax that lingers in the candle jar or taper. This can easily make its way onto other surfaces such as table tops, clothing, etc.

When this happens, it is usually best removed with an air source (a hairdryer works great!). The faster the better, as longer exposure to heat will only help melt the wax more quickly!

To avoid having hot wax stick onto the surface of your new shirt, use low temperatures for the hair dryer. You want to warm up the wax, not thermally damage the fabric or otherwise hurt yourself or someone else who may come into contact with it later.

After using the hair drier, roll the sleeve of the garment up like a towel and scrape off the excess melted wax. If needed, run the item under cold water to rinse away the residue.

Use a hand-held vacuum

how to remove candle wax from a t-shirt

The best way to remove candle wax from a t-shirt is using a hand held vacuum. This will not only help get rid of the melted fat, but also helps keep your hands warm!

There are several good brands of handheld vacuums that can be used for this purpose. Some have you use either a fabric or paper cleaner bag, depending on which type of wax you may run into trouble with.

The bags can be washed and dried easily too, making it nice to wash them after each use.

Use a candle-cleaning spray

Many people have trouble removing candle wax from their clothes due to how thick it can be. If you are one of these people, do not worry!

We have prepared some tips for you that will help you remove candle wax easily. These tips use an easy to find cleaning sprays or oils that work very well.

Towel dry your t-shirt after washing it and then apply the correct amount of oil (or liquid) cleaner to each area of the shirt where there is still some residue. Let sit for few minutes and then rinse under warm water.

Repeat this process until no trace of the melted candle material remains. Make sure to wash all of the cleaner out with regular soap before drying thoroughly.

Use a stain remover

how to remove candle wax from a t-shirt

Starch is one of the main components in candle wax, so most people cannot remove all of it unless you use a special cleaner that contains starch.

Many people believe using rubbing alcohol or water will work, but this only removes some of the thicker layers of wax. It is very difficult to get rid of every last bit without using a proper candle cleaning solution.

There are several good brands of natural t-shirt cleaners that contain baking soda and/or dried milk as a reagent. These products are much more effective than just using water or alcohol because they work by breaking down the layer of wax through an interaction with the starch component.

Product reviews indicate that these types of cleansers do not require long to work either, making them ideal for busy individuals.

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