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How To Know If A Candle Is Good

As we already discussed, there are several ways to evaluate a new candle before buying it, so let’s go over some more detail about the different properties of candles to determine whether they are worth your money.

There is no standard set way to check out a new candle, but you can look for signs that it is very expensive due to its size or because it says it will take hours to burn down. You also want to make sure the product is real and not a fake glow in the dark item.

This article will talk about what qualities are important to have when looking into how good a candle is and which ones are worth investing in. Once again, as with any new products, do not spend too much unless you know what setting up with them comes with! Hint: most people who say a product is “worth it” are still spending well above their budget limit on them.

Reminder: Never burn a larger amount of wax than what the label tells you! This could potentially hurt someone else’s health or even start a fire. The word ‘candle’ should be self-explanatory, but just to be safe – always read the labels and do your research!

Good quality candles are almost never completely spent at the end of use. Some drops may remain, but this does not mean anything except possibly causing skin irritation or poor smelling smoke.

Check the scent

how to know if a candle is good

As mentioned before, there is no regulation that specifies how many wicks a candle should have or what kind of fragrance it can contain. Therefore, as long as they are not too thin and it does not burn down very quickly, whatever coloration they have and whether it glows or not are not important.

Since candles come in various sizes, some may be longer than needed while others may be shorter than necessary. If you like the way this one smells, feel free to use a little less to get the same effect. The same goes for whether the flame burns all the way down- you do not need a lot more than what your body requires!

If you are ever unsure about a product, perform a test. Simply put a few drops onto your skin and see how it reacts.

Check the burn time

how to know if a candle is good

The first way to know whether or not a candle is good is by checking its burn time. Most candles have an instruction booklet that contains information about how many hours each one burns for.

This can be helpful as it eliminates buying a product that will waste money. Unfortunately, this also means you must keep them in a proper location and watch them closely!

Since most people purchase their candles during sales, buy with caution. Make sure they are worth the cost!

Sellers do not always tell what kind of container the wick goes in or if there is any filler material used. These could affect the length of burn time.

Check for any flames

Even though some people may consider flickering candlelight as aesthetically pleasing, it can actually pose some health risks. Due to the length of time they burn, candles create very high amounts of wax that need to be properly disposed of.

Some of this leftover wax is left behind when the candle burns out, which could cause fire or smoke inhalation in case someone nearby the burnt-out candle doesn’t notice there’s still melted wax inside.

Furthermore, not all types of oil are mixed with each other, so make sure you check your favorite brands to see whether they contain paraffin or petroleum oils. These aren’t good for our bodies or the environment.

We recommend never use burned material from the start, even if the flame seems put out and it looks like its gone. Also, don’t leave burning candles unattended, as both white solidified candle fat and red hot molten wax can easily combust.

Sooty candles made of pure beeswax usually do not produce enough heat to pose an exposure risk, but still should not be used due to the potential health issues mentioned here! If you’re looking to learn more about how to best care for your skin during winter, read our article on natural ways to lighten dark spots and age marks.

Make sure it doesn’t burn down too fast

how to know if a candle is good

The last thing you want is for your candle to burn out before you can test it, which could potentially hurt yourself or someone else in the process.

Most of us have experienced that moment when our hands are completely immersed in hot liquid and we try to pull away what feels like an iron skillet. That feeling is very familiar to people!

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to prevent this from happening with most solid candles. Most importantly, make sure your candle does not burn faster than 1–2 hours depending on the size of the wick. This will give you enough time to test it and use it safely.

Also, never blow out a candle. Rather, gently push it all over the place so that any remaining air can escape.

Check for any burning pieces

how to know if a candle is good

One of the first things you should do is check your candle for anything that could potentially burn down or out. This includes making sure there are no long, thin layers of wax pooling in the container as well as checking the wick for any kind of sticking-out bumps or chunks.

If you notice either of these, it may be time to reconsider how much power this particular candle has. A slightly thick layer of wax is totally fine, but if there is just barely enough thickness to prevent the candle’s surface from being touched, then it may be time to look for another one.

The same goes for if you see some white ash leftover after the candle burned down, which also indicates poor quality oil or dirt mixed into the liquid inside the glass. None of those things are good!

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Bullet point: Natural oils are your best bet

Olive oil is an excellent source of both vitamin O and mineral P, two important vitamins needed for healthy skin. It also helps keep dry skin hydrated. When baking with olive oil, make sure to use a low temperature so that does not melt too much.

Apricot kernel oil works similarly to cocoa butter, but is more affordable.

Look for any melting wax

how to know if a candle is good

As with any new candle type, there is an initial learning period when you can determine if a product is your favorite or not. One of the first things to do is check the wick.

Does it look like it’s been dipped in liquid? If so then it has! That means there was no solidification process which usually takes several hours. You may also notice some dripping or even clear drops on the surface of the table where the candle was placed. This is normal water vapor that escaped during burning.

Now try to pull the top layer off. It should come away easily without any residue. If it does, then the burn completed successfully and you can consider this one a success! But make sure to remove only the very thin protective coating, not the gel layer within.

If there is still a bit of stickiness left then either the flame did not fully combust or the wax didn’t melt all the way. The same goes for if you smell anything other than pleasant floral notes. Both of these are signs of poor quality candles and possibly dangerous ones.

Check for any smoke

how to know if a candle is good

Many people begin candle burning with either warm or white candles. Both of these types of wax candles start with melted down oils or natural fats that are mixed in with solid wax. The solid pieces then are shaped into balls, which is what gives them their shape.

The difference between white and greenish-yellow colored candles is due to the color of the oil used during production. Some oils will not burn completely so some remain as liquid. These leftover liquids can sometimes be seen dripping off the wick and onto the surface of the candle.

This does not usually cause too much of an issue unless you try to light the candle. When you do this there is still heat given off from the candle but none of the blue flames that typically shine through a match or lighter. This is because you have to use all the remaining fat at the end of the wick to ignite the oxygen present in the air.

If you notice that your candle has little to no flame and also feels hot when touched then it may need to be trashed.

Check for any sharp pieces

how to know if a candle is good

Many candles require some kind of container to burn. If you look at your candle close, you may notice small fragments left over from this process.
These are usually made of metal, but can also be plastic or ceramic.

If you find very little dust in the air when you blow the smoke out, then there is no risk of these shards burning you unless they are made of glass, which cannot be blown-out.
You should always check your candles for anything potentially dangerous like this!

By looking closer as mentioned before, you will know if your candle has burnt down too much and needs to be replaced. This happens because it does not produce enough heat to satisfy its function anymore.

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