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How Long Does A Light Candle Last

Many people enjoy using candles as an easy way to add some decorative touches into their homes. They can also be a very nice source of light, especially during night time activities like reading or watching TV.

However, how long a candle will last really depends on several factors. This article will discuss some important things about candle burning times and how to care for your candles in order to get the most out of them.

Warning! There are many types of natural waxes that growl and burn more slowly than ordinary petroleum-based wicks. These include olive oil hardened through exposure to air and coconut oil which is solid at room temperature. Check to see if yours is one of these before buying it.

I’ve organized this information by color so you know what to do with each kind of candle.

The size of the candle affects how long it will last

how long does a light candle last

Even though there is no flame, candles still burn! This happens because of oxygen, as we mentioned before. When a new batch of wax is melted down to make a new candle, some of the molecules in the solid state are loose. These can enter the air around you and combine with the leftover oxygen to form an oxide layer or coating that acts as an insulator.

This process is what causes so many people’s favorite white candles to slowly turn yellowish-white over time. Because these candles are mostly made of paraffin oil, which does not readily absorb light, they become less bright as they oxidize.

However, high quality natural oils do contain antioxidants that prevent this from happening. It is important to check whether your candlestick or box container has any warnings about exposed contents being susceptible to combustion.

Gel or paraffin candles last longer than votive candles

how long does a light candle last

Thin, gel-like candles that are almost impossible to put out already have replaced most flicker-free candle types. These tall, thinner candles usually contain pure wax and some kind of chemical agent to help it burn more evenly.

The agents used to do this are typically aluminum oxide or calcium carbonate. Both work by acting as an oxidizer, which adds oxygen to the melted wax so it can be burned more completely. The chemicals also make the flame slightly blue due to the light reflection and added heat.

You should always blow out a candle before it burns down completely

Even though they’re usually an inexpensive way to start candles, people often forget about one important thing when blowing out their candle- how long does a light candle last?

In fact, even if you remember to blow out your candle, there is no guarantee that it will not burn longer than what it normally would. This could mean leaving your house with nothing but a burning stick of wax or worse, a burnt mess!

There are several reasons why this happens for some candles. First, not all wick types work well in thin layers of melted fat so they remain unevaporated after being blown out. This leftover layer of wax can act as fuel for the candle to continue melting and smoking.

Second, some wicks contain chemicals which help them stay lit, but also prevent the flame from going out. These flames do not burn up easily, making it easier to leave them alone until they burn down naturally.

Third, some candles require too much time to burn down, giving someone the chance to set aside the product and use it later. A few minutes more and these candles have enough time to fully extinguish themselves.

Fourth, some candles simply run out of oxygen and combustible material to burn. These need air to keep burning, and the needed amount is sometimes limited by the length of the glass container the candle is in.

To keep a candle longer, store it in a sealed container, such as a glass jar

how long does a light candle last

Storing your candles properly is an important part of using them to their fullest. Since most people usually have limited storage space, finding a good place to stash your new candles can be tricky.

Fortunately, we have some tips for you here! First, make sure that the shelf or cabinet where you stored the candle is clear enough so that you can easily view it. Also, if possible, let the candle burn down completely before putting it away to ensure there’s no leftover wax left.

Second, never put your burned-out candle back into its original container. Instead, use another empty bottle, pot, or other vessel to contain the melted wax.

Third, remember to always check your stove for hot spots after burning a candle. If you notice any smoke coming from the chimney, turn off the burner immediately and remove the burnt match or piece of wick.

To keep a candle longer, don’t burn it down too far

how long does a light candle last

The length of time a candle will last depends on several things, such as how hard you are burning it and what kind of wick you use.

As we have seen before, shorter is usually better with candles because this allows for more even heat distribution and a lower temperature at the tip, which can cause it to break off or melt away completely.

Longer lasting candles require more energy to stay lit, so they must be burned closer together or else the air in the container will not supply enough oxygen to fuel the flame.

This could also contribute to the candle melting down or blowing out due to lack of combustion. If you need a really long light source, there are flameless candles that work by emitting infrared rays instead of flames.

When the candle starts to burn down, it creates more heat

how long does a light candle last

As the candle burns, there is an increase in temperature. This happens because as the candle gets lower on the flame, there is less air space that can conduct away some of the heat.

As the wax melts, it takes longer for the heat to be conducted off. This results in the candle staying warmer for longer than you would expect.

The length of time this effect lasts depends on how hot the surface the candle was burning on is. If the surface is colder than the melted wax, then the candle will burn out faster.

However, if the surface is hotter than the melted wax, then the candle will last longer! This is why candles with white or very warm colored flames are better than ones with red or blue flames.

Sealing the top of the spent candle helps prevent any additional cooling since there is no open airspace. Some people also stir the ashes after they set the candle aside to help preserve the shape of the burnt-out layer.

Create a cool environment to keep your candle longer

how long does a light candle last

In addition to using appropriate light bulbs, another way to use candles is by burning them in a pot or pan. This is called baking with your candle. You can also burn your candle down in a container that only holds water.

This doesn’t work for every type of wax, but some types of wax will break down and melt more slowly in this method. Also, adding some salt to the water helps preserve the remaining bits of the candle.

By keeping the candle intact, you can either pull off pieces to enjoy later, or just leave it and add additional layers as time passes.

Use a candle holder that doesn’t allow the candle to burn down too far

how long does a light candle last

The length of time a light source, like a candle or plate of soup will remain lit depends mostly on two things: how much fuel you have left and what kind of light you are using it for.

If you have run out of fuel, then obviously the lighter will go out! This is very important to remember when baking with candles as some recipes require lots of heat to cook the ingredients.

Using less flame means your baked goods won’t be browned or cooked properly. It also makes the room more humid which can cause the candle to burn faster since there are air pockets in the shape of the glass container.

That wouldn’t do anything good! If you notice the candle burning down more slowly than normal, try rubbing the top of the candle to see if that helps speed up the burn.

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