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How do you meditate with colored candles?

It’s so relaxing to look at a candle and focus on the flickering flame. If you are lighting multiple candles, be sure to do so clockwise. Understanding how the candle color corresponds to each chakra can help you create a stronger connection to your candle work. When paired with the right colors and aromas, candles can be a great tool for your chakras and for healing your body, mind, and soul.

To make full use of this chakra healing tool, you can use it as a mantra.

What do chakra candles do?

Burning that candle and using mantras like “I speak the truth” or “I express” can help restore your confidence and get your point across. Use your throat chakra candle in meditation when you feel like you’re not being heard so you have a difficult message to get across. Here’s a handy guide to help you know which candle you should use and a few more tips on how to use it. Use green candles to heal this energy center, forgive others easily, and turn negative emotions into love and compassion.

The candles that represent the target chakras are lit and the resulting perfumes are inhaled deeply while they enter a meditative state.

What are chakra votive candles?

BLUE CANDLE – THROAT CHAKRA The blue candle balances your throat chakra to communicate and express yourself more freely and truthfully. INDIGO CANDLE – Third Eye ChakraThe indigo candle balances your third eye chakra to gain mental focus and clarity in seeing your own purpose and vision Dance to deep, rhythmic drum beats and deep contemplation while absorbing the root chakra candle’s red energy. These votive candles are enriched with essential oils that have been selected for their aromatherapy benefits in terms of balancing each chakra.

Whether you’re looking to relax and unwind in a candlelit room, or you’re looking for chakra-specific candles to use in your spiritual practice, simply lighting these candles individually or as a whole set can help bring warmth and harmony to your soul.