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How do you filter water step by step?

In Senegal, the use of filters suffers from a lack of availability and publicity about their effectiveness. Ceramic candle filters are a cheap and cost-effective way to combat water-related diseases for families in cities and villages. To avoid recontamination, do not open the lower vessel for any reason and access the filtered water only through the tap. Screw the diverter valve (directly) onto the cold water tap or mixer tap if an external thread is visible.

The CP100 and 200 series water filtration system is designed to stand freestanding on a sink or adjacent worktop.

How does a ceramic candle filter work?

Candle filters can be produced locally and contribute to the development of local trade. Water is poured into the upper container and flows through the candle and accumulates in the lower container. According to the studies, these filters remove 70% of bacterial contamination in developing countries. Fernando Mazariegos from Guatemala was responsible for the development of ceramic pot filter technology in 1981 when he was director of water research at the Central American Research Institute in Guatemala City.

When installed with the right cartridge, you pour running water into the filter and make it drinkable.


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