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How do timer window candles work?

The price and other details may vary depending on product size and color. You can use these LED candles with the included decorative bases, or you can put them in your own candle holders. When you’re ready to (carefully) incorporate wax votive candles into your decorations, you’ll need a sturdy candle holder to keep them safe. Find the best Christmas window candles to decorate your home with this holiday season, in a range of prices and styles.

Choose a traditional pewter-based Williamsburg Candle for your colonial-style home, or opt for an elegant candlelight with double intensity and a polished nickel base.

Are electric window candles safe?

Modern LED technology can be used to mimic candles in a fairly realistic way, including artificial flames that flicker much like real candles. Using a regular window candle is an even greater danger as the flame can get caught on your window curtains or blinds and can quickly start a fire without you even realizing it. This can be especially the case with LED window candles, as the proximity of fire to glass can cause discoloration or even cracking if the window pane is thin and very cold outside. LED window candles are typically available in a variety of configurations, including units that run on alternating current (AC) and others that use batteries.

How long do battery window candles last?

The LED votive candles look attractive on their own, and when placed in a votive holder, it is difficult to distinguish them from real candles. A built-in timer automatically turns on the light for six hours every evening, so you can enjoy the look of a window candle without any work. The chamberstick design means it’s larger at the base than other window candles—six inches in diameter. These are extremely easy to use, but don’t have as many options as some other window candles.