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Do you trim the wick on a woodwick candle?

If you let the candle burn for at least 2 or 3 hours, the melted wax will reach the sides of the glass, optimising the burning time of the candle. Just like a candle with a cotton wick, the first fire is the most important thing to prevent your candle from tunneling. But before you burn your candle for the first time, the first and most important part is preparing your wooden wick. It is best to light your candle from the base of the wooden wick and not from the top, as you would with a cotton wick.

Always place your candles on a heat-resistant, dry surface and never place them on surfaces or objects that could catch fire.

Do you trim the wick of a Woodwick candle?

Candle wicks that have been left without maintenance for a long time will build up a build-up of carbon deposits at the top of your wick. Not only does this provide a smoke-free way to extinguish your flame, but it also adds stability to a brittle wick. If you don’t have a wick cutter, you can simply break off the ashy part of the wooden wick with another tool. At The Wood Gifts, you can purchase a wide range of WOODWICK candles to enhance the atmosphere in your home.

You can do this by using a wick cutter or when the candle is cold, tap your finger on the excess wick.

Do you need to soak wooden wicks?

Working with wooden candle wicks may seem difficult, but they’re not that difficult once you understand them. You can read that without “soaking the wick,” the candle will not burn at its best, but this is not true. When purchased directly from Holzwick, the small tabs are super cheap at just a few cents more than the typical tabs. You can tell the difference between a wooden wick candle just by looking at the beautiful design of the candle.

Without pre-charging, they won’t dissipate liquid wax, as the small amount of flame you light initially is just the burning wood, otherwise consuming the combustion surface from which the wax evaporates.


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