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Do you trim the wick on a new candle?

The shorter height allows the wax to capillary the wick to properly supply the flame. At The Wood Gifts, you can purchase a wide range of WOODWICK candles to enhance the atmosphere in your home. If you let the candle burn for at least 2 or 3 hours, the melted wax will reach the sides of the glass, optimising the burning time of the candle. Extinguish your candle immediately as it not only pours unwanted soot into your home, but the high flame should be tamed for safety reasons.

They work wonderfully, but if you don’t have one in every room in the house that you also burn candles, you can use your fingers if necessary.

Should you trim candle wicks before lighting?

Uncut wicks are much more likely to take on a strange mushroom-like shape (see below) that blunts and obscures the flame. You can use scissors at the start, but when the candle burns down, it’s easier to use nail clippers or even an official wick cutter. The trimmed wick also helps the candle burn more evenly, which helps control the soot and extends the life of the candle. If you leave a wick long, you’ll have a bigger flame that melts more wax and adds more fuel to the candle.

Too much flame will cause the candle to get too hot, which is not safe for you, your room, or your candle.


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