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Do crystals explode in candles?

It also means that you can easily use the same crystals repeatedly. Make sure to keep an eye on your candle at all times. WITCH’S WAY CRAFT IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGE CAUSED BY CANDLE FLAMES AND BURNING CANDLES. So we know it’s safe to put crystals in your candles, but what type of crystals should you use? Below is a list of some crystals that you might want to put in your candles.

It’s legal and a candle made correctly with crystals and dried flowers in this way is just as safe as any other candle. So yes, crystals are safe in candles, but they increase the risk, especially larger ones. Crystals have a high melting point.

What do crystals do in candles?

Each intent candle comes with carefully selected crystals to help with the disease you’re trying to cure. As the fire expands through the crystal, imagine it moving beyond space into the world and leading your intention to the universe. A candle professionally and correctly made with crystals and dried flowers is as safe as any other candle. Some materials that are commonly thought of as gemstones are actually organic in origin and can also react poorly to heat.

Even if you don’t care about crystals, your customers will love the hidden surprise as the crystal reveals itself while the candle is burning.