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Can you use rechargeable batteries in window candles?

They can be used indoors and outdoors as long as you add the included waterproof ring to each candle. But since they are designed to last between 10 and 20 years, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. The candle lights up for 8 hours, turns off for 16 hours and repeats the process. During the Christmas season, Irish Catholics lit a candle in the window and left the door open so that priests could safely slip into their home to hold Mass.

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How much electricity does a window candle consume?

It may also be possible to cover the cords with faux holly or other holiday-themed materials, adding to the illusion that the LED candles are actually real candles. The power consumption of an LED can be very low compared to other electric light sources, so that a battery-powered window candle lights up day and night. The lighting is on 24/7 for 44 days, but one of the fairy lights and the Christmas tree light are only lit on Christmas Eve, which adds up to 21 days. This is because they don’t use too much power and are designed to operate at lower temperatures to burn candles slowly and slowly.