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Can you store candles in a garage?

It is not advisable to keep candles outside in areas with extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. While everyone has air-conditioned homes, garages are very rarely cooled. If you don’t have a tin box to put your candle in, cardboard boxes, an egg box for taper candles and pillar candles, or any other box you’d otherwise throw away, is a great place to store candles. You can stack rows of tapers on top of each other, but you can’t put other candles on top of the tapers.


candle that contains lemon or any other citrus essential oil will discolor faster than a candle with the exact same composition and sandalwood or patchouli essential oil.

How do you store candles in the heat?

For example, tapered candles are more heat sensitive than glass candles, so the former must always be stored in a cool environment while you can be more flexible for the latter. To protect them, wrap them individually in bubble wrap or tissue paper and then lay them out in flat rows. By storing your candles in your basement room where they’re out of the way, in a place you probably won’t see, you can be sure your candles will stay cool and as perfect as they were the last time they were lit. Despite being safe, another tip to keep in mind when storing your candles is not to place them in a place that is exposed to direct sunlight.

At what temperature can you store candles?

If the temperature is hotter and the temperature is constantly rising above 37-38 degrees Celsius or 100 Fahrenheit, just protecting it from sunlight may not help. Yes, candles can be stored in the refrigerator, but not in the freezer, where the temperature drops below 2 degrees Celsius. Also keep car fresheners in their original packaging or store them separately to preserve their fragrances. The melting points of the different types of wax are summarized in the table, which you can use to determine the storage temperature for your candles to ensure the safety of your candles.

As you may have guessed, rays thrown through windows can easily heat a room and raise temperatures, which ultimately does the same thing with your candles and lighting candles at unwanted times.