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Custom Wedding Guest Book - Decoupage Letters - $10+

**Special Pricing on this - pricing is per letter, as this is a custom, made to order listing. The Base price is $7 and each letter is $3. There is also an option to add an EST. date or other details in paint for $2 more. Please visit my etsy shop for accurate pricing and proper ordering.** Unique wedding Guest book - this is actually my exact guest book that I made for my Husband and I! These letters make a great guestbook as the surface can be written on with sharpies and other permanent markers, and then the letters can be displayed on a mantle, hung on a wall or put pretty much wherever you want. Easily hung with command strips and stand up on their own on a flat surface. Custom colored letters spell out any words or name(s) you want. Letters are 8" tall and about 5" wide, 1" thick. Paper Mache letters decoupaged with tissue paper. I can add an EST. date or other details in paint to the letters anywhere for just $2 more. *Please specify BEFORE PURCHASING* Please specify: Colors of tissue paper Full name or word to be created ($7 base price, $3 per letter) If there are specific colors to co on certain letter or if each are just multicolored like in this picture. Color for date or finer details to be written on the letters ($2 more) DATE NEEDED - These letters are slightly time consuming, so please don't expect 15 letters done and arriving in the mail within 3 days or so. I can do my best with time constraints if you let me know ahead of time. If you need more than 15 letters made, please contact me for a custom order.
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Last Updated - Sat Jun 25 2016

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