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Bird Marionette Miniature Figurine--Handmade - $48.00

Marionettes have been a source of puppet entertainment for a very long time--with evidence as early as 2000 BC. They're super fun to play with and manipulate to dance, walk around, or do all sorts of silly things. I went through a time period where I was enticed by them, playing around the house all day with my gooney bird marionettes. So, I decided to try something completely new to me and sculpt a tiny bird marionette puppet out of clay--and he turned out absolutely adorable and oh so fun to play with! His body parts & feathers were lovingly hand-sculpted out of Premo polymer clay. Nylon thread was woven inside each body piece & strung with deep blue glass beads then baked with the bird--the beaded thread allows freedom of movement between each piece. He hangs by rhodium chains on a wire-enforced & hand-sculpted clay frame. Chains are much less likely to tangle up, and a lot easier to untangle should that happen. They can also be pulled apart & put back together to fix any dire tangled messes. The little birdy stands about 1.5" tall from ground to head and 1.75" long from beak to tail. Overall height of the marionette including frame measures 2.5".
Last Updated - Thu Jun 5 2014

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