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Blue Book Page Paper Hydrangeas - $50

Made for you with care: Twelve bunches of seven paper hydrangeas made from vintage book pages. Each petal features text facing in random directions from a random book. Each petal is hand cut and hand rolled to look as authentically real as possible. The paper is naturally beige (from the book) and is painted with a wash that leaves the petals ranging in tone from Tiffany blue to pale blue to beige. The random gradient gives them a more natural look. Each flower cluster will be set on 10 inch green floral wire, which will allow for 9 inches of wire beneath the flower head. Each flower is set on it's own wire that is 3 inches long. Once the individual flower is set into the cluster, one single wire extends below the cluster. 10 inches of wire that holds all seven flowers together begins below the 3 inches of wire that holds each individual flower. Included in the photos is a picture of these hydrangeas set with paper roses and vintage tulle that was custom made by me for a wedding. They were a lovely addition to the vintage, shabby chic and rustic decorations that she had! The roses are available in my shop if you like the look.
Last Updated - Thu Jun 8 2017

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