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Crystal Gemstone Bracelet - $20.00

Crystal Gemstone bracelet made with 8mm Amethyst, 6mm Amethyst & 6mm Moonstone Healing properties: Calming Emotional healing Enhances your own abilities and energies to balance mind & spirit. Made with elastic stretch band *Special custom bracelet designs can be requested and made to your needs. I will work with your special request to design a custom piece for yourself or a loved one. I use a special combination of 3 or less harmonized types of crystals and stones. Antique silver, gold and copper combinations are added for beauty. Charms are added as requested or designed. Spirit animals bring strength to the design if added as a charm or bead. *Items are limited. I will make every effort to accommodate all requests. *Harmonized designs can help with many illnesses, pain healing, depression, anxiety, anger, fear, hormone imbalances, hyperactivity, sadness, love, fertility, negativity, stress, addiction, prosperity, meditation, spiritual awareness/guidance, heightening intuition. *Every item is cleansed with sage so it can be in tune with your personal connection with the stones and crystals.
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Last Updated - Thu Mar 16 2017

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