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Miss. Havishams 3 A.M. - $63

The same dream .... the same time, and the same old dream. It's the dance hall where she met him 30 years ago and there he is...So Handsome in his tailored suit, standing across the dance floor, Staring at her....just staring at her with those dark eyes and that Come Hither smile. She always wakes up before she can actually touch him....if only she could touch him one more time....She'd kill him~ Vintage assemblage necklace made with...Vintage silver tone chains.... Czech glass fire polished beads in Aqua azuro, and Cranberry .... Faux Vintage white pearls...Vintage Watch case in a coppery tone with Sparrow and Swarovski crystals caged inside ...Vintage Large Lucite Champagne Tone crystal like Beads~ Necklace measures 16 3/4 to 19 inches in length~ So Fabulous!
Phone: (920)-2351465
Buy At: http://www.schoolofchams.etsy.com
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Last Updated - Wed Jan 7 2009

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