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7 Chakras Rainbow Suncatcher Meditation Tool - $29.00

This unique Chakras Suncatcher has brilliantly colored Czech glass beads between the recycled glass spheres, giving it an ornate appeal. This art glass piece is the traditionally accepted color spectrum for our seven Chakras. Itís a glowing reminder of the glorious rainbow that lives within us all. The Chakras are the energy centers of the body. All are equal in importance, and all must flow freely for us to be at our healthiest. Crafted with love and respect, it is offered in hopes that it will help others by serving as a meditation piece and also add a touch of beauty to your home or garden. Reiki healers have used this piece in their work. It's designed to last, and will never rust, but will develop a soft, dark patina outdoors. Made with one inch and half inch recycled glass spheres, it's about 11" in length. I also include a detailed writing my spiritually oriented husband wrote explaining the Chakras system.
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Last Updated - Sun Feb 14 2016

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