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Potpourri Bowl - Wooden Mosaic - $47.50

This wooden mosaic bowl is from my line of beautiful and unique handmade potpourri bowls with ornate pewter tops. The bowls are hand crafted, shaped, turned, sanded and finely finished with great care, producing one of a kind original pieces of art, no two bowls are alike. Creating this bowl begins by selecting lots of colorful and unique species of woods then cutting them into numerous little pieces which will be shaped and glued together into a block of wood to be turned on a lathe. The process consists of many hours of milling, cutting, assembling, shaping, sanding and applying multiple coats of a protective finish. The bowl can be used with dried potpourri of any kind or as a stand alone artistic display piece. Dimensions are 5-6 inches in diameter and 3-5 inches in height. Each bowl is different and represents a variety of woods, shapes, designs and colors. There are four varieties of lids: Rose,Butterfly,Star Ivy,Blue Bell. Each bowl is created with passion. It is my hope that when one of these bowls ends up at your home, it will bring you years of enjoyment, beauty and peace.
Last Updated - Sun Jul 3 2016

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