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Handcrafted Cedar Birdhouse - $20.00

This unique handcrafted cedar birdhouse is a great place for all your smaller birds to nest. The entry hole is completely customizable, depending on which species of bird you are trying to attract. Made from rough sawn cedar this helps to naturally repel moisture, insects, and rot. The roof panel opens easily with the removal of one screw for seasonal cleaning, and for checking on nesting activity. The roof extends over the entry and pitches downward to help rain runoff and keep the interior as dry as possible. The bottom of the birdhouse is designed to allow water that might get inside to run out of the birdhouses to help keep the interior dry. You have a choice of mounting options with the birdhouse, it can be fence / tree mounted by use of a keyhole mount on the back of the birdhouse, or can be built as a hanging model by placing a brass hook into the top. Please make sure that you choose your model in the variations when ordering. This house has built in ventilation to help regulate internal temperature, and ensure that it doesn't get to hot inside for your feathered visitors. This birdhouse would make an outstanding gift for that special someone in your life who enjoys all that nature has to offer or someone interested in watching birds nest in their backyard. All birdhouses are made to order and may differ slightly from the pictures.
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Last Updated - Sat Oct 22 2016

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