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Hummingbird Feeder Hanger Windchimes Hanger - $12.50

Designed to hang your hummingbird feeder from. Made with a one inch recycled glass sphere. It's ruby color attracts hummingbirds, so there's no need to add dye to their food. This piece also makes a colorful wind chime hanger, a thoughtful gift for a friend that collects wind chimes. Comes with a very sturdy 12 gauge hand hammered brass hook attached at the bottom for this purpose. The red version is great for attracting hummingbirds, no need to add toxic red dye to their food. Length is 7 inches, counting the two hanging hooks. Wire and metal are brass, except the hourglass shaped beads are plated nickel. The metal will not rust, only darken with age. There are more colors available than pictured, email me if you'd like a photo of a specific color choice, or check my ornaments section.
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Last Updated - Fri Mar 14 2014

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