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Handmade Christmas Crafts - $3 - 150

The creative process is a life-saver for me. The joy and satisfaction of producing and passing along something handmade and unique is priceless. It all started when I noticed that my childhood and my family's stockings were falling apart. I had always loved waking up Christmas morning and opening my stocking. We were allowed to open the goodies in our stockings first before our parents woke up. We had to wait for the presents under the tree. I decided that day to make everyone in my family a new stocking. I chose cross-stitch because of the beautiful, intricate patterns available. I made one for my mother, father, brother and myself. I continue the tradition and made one for my new sister-in-law when my brother got married. I have since made one each for my two nieces and nephew. I wanted to share my own tradition and help others start their own tradition… I remember hanging a special ornament on the tree every year. Each member of the family had one and we always hung it ourselves wherever we wanted. It was a family tradition I continued with my nieces and nephews. Let these ornaments help you start a tradition in your family. Before the presents arrive your tree should have its own bling. Dress it up with a handmade, heirloom quality, or vintage Christmas tree skirt. Twitter: AmyColmer@UniqueChristma Pinterest boards: Christmas Spirit and Beat the Holiday Rush Facebook: UniqueChristmasbyAmy Etsy: UniqueChristmasbyAmy
Last Updated - Fri Aug 26 2016

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