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red heart cups- tea and coffee, ceramic mug - $18.00

This small red heart porcelain cup for love, weddings, and anniversaries is a must to tell someone you love them. Whether it is a friend or lover or mother they will remember you every time they take a drink out of this handmade cup. Good for an espresso or some tea or just a little bit of coffee. It's easy to drink out of because where you drink, it is round just like a regular cup. A little heart goes a long way, and you can have some tea with some heart! And you don't have to think of anything to say, the cup says it all for you. It is made on a potters wheel then I shape the cup into a heart, add a handle, let it dry then bisque fire it. Then fire it again in a glaze fire, where I use a commercial food safe red glossy glaze. Very expensive and hard to put on the cup. Everything has to be just right for this cup to come out.
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Last Updated - Mon Oct 8 2012

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