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Handmade Candles one Pound!! - $14.99

Tired of buying candles that are just mass produced? They all seem to smell good until you take them home and light them, but hey if they are a foot from your face you can smell them! MapleWic is my company and It is my goal to change the way people think and feel about candles. Too many times have I heard of my competitors candles just have no scent throw, I use premium wax and essential oils to create one of the strongest scent throws guaranteed. The thing about these other company is they use dirt cheap wax to get more bank out there buck (cough Yankee), but my goal is to create a candle that actually smells great and compare my price and quality to any other candle you'll see the obvious winner. I offer a wide variety of scents and will specially make anything to please my costumers. MapleWic@etsy.com
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Last Updated - Sun Apr 27 2014

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