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Jester: Memoirs of a Retired Hippie - $17.95

Jester: Memoirs of a Retired Hippie From San Francisco Hippie to road nomad, experiencing life on the highways of America and north to Alaska An inexperienced teenager leaves his suburban California home to visit his brother in San Francisco, and dives into the Hippie Movement of the Sixties. Establishing himself in the Flower Power scene of the Haight Ashbury District, he becomes a bell-bottomed entrepreneur, running a unique used garment business from the back of an old, brightly colored step van, becoming known only as Jester. Heavily involved in the sex, drugs and rock and roll lifestyle, he meets fascinating characters like Janis Joplin and Timothy Leary and has many amazing experiences, until he burns out on the whole scene. Leaving the Bay Area, he searches for a different direction. Jester moves in and out of different lifestyles, becoming a road nomad traveling, over the years, from the mountains of Big Sur all the way to Alaska, with many stops along the way. In Jester: Memoirs of a Retired Hippie, Jester tastes love and loss, joy and deep sorrow, and the magic that still exists in the world, evolving into a unique and wise older man.
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