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Wilderness Reckoning - $17.95

Wilderness Reckoning - Caraway's Return Denny Caraway, Alaskan homesteader, returns to his Lanyard Creek cabin after many months living a meager, primitive life deep in the Alaskan wilderness, following his beloved wife's death, which had filled him with overwhelming pain and anger. It almost proves his end, until a loyal friend finds him and acts as a sign for Caraway to come home. Rejoining the small circle of people he had left behind, their love and support serve to renew Denny's outlook on life, but the murder of a young friend is a harsh reminder that life is still the bearer of sadness as well as joy, and Caraway is compelled to seek revenge against an old nemesis. Following what he sees as his destiny, Denny Caraway gives up the idea of love and family to continue his life as a solitary man, living on his remote homestead.
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Last Updated - Tue Nov 26 2013

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