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Mini Manatee Anti-Dust Plug Charm--Handmade Clay - $15.00

Manatees--the gentle giant of the sea. They're so tubby, cute, kind, and loveable! So, I decided to make this adorable charm to spread some manatee-love. Entirely hand sculpted out of Premo polymer clay, this tiny manatee dangles off an ocean-themed anti-dust plug charm. He's coated with Varathane clear gloss polyurethane for a layer of shine and durability. A set of turquoise, green, and aqua rock-like beads with pearl-like beads in between are strung along nylon thread, ended with metal bead crimp covers, and attached to a silicone anti-dust plug. The manatee measures about 0.5" from tip of tail to top of forehead, and the whole charm is around 2.75" long, not including the anti-dust plug.
Last Updated - Thu Jun 5 2014

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