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Soap Making and Cosmetic Crafting Supplies - $

Up for auction on ebay is a lot of soap making / cosmetic crafting supplies. To see this auction visit bit.ly/soapsupplies1 or search for ebay item 282328087661. These items are from my personal supply. Some of these items are new and unused. Others have been opened and partially used. Here is a breakdown of what is for sale: 1). Four sterile syringes. 2). One bag of LotionCrafter BTMS. This has been opened. 3). One bag of New Directions Aromatics polawax. This item has been opened. 4). Some measuring scoops and two tiny perfume atomizers. 5). One 1 g sample of LotionCrafter Hyaluronic Acid. Brand new 6). One gallon of Essential Wholesale Coconut Oil RBD. This item has never been used. It is expeller pressed. 7). Four ounces of Cocamydopropyl Betaine from the Herbarie. This item has never been opened. 8). Four 2 oz size Crafter’s Choice fragrance oils from Wholesale Supplies Plus. 9). One 2 lb tray of Crafter’s Choice Goat’s Milk Melt and Pour Soap base. This item has never been used. 10). Twelve new 2 oz amber colored boston round bottles with lids. 11). Two new mini foamer bottles. 12). One unopened 8 oz jar of Now Guar gum 13). Waxes and powders from Liberty Natural (partially used) 14). Mica powder from From Natural With Love (partially used) 15). Four pigment samples from Wholesale Supplies Plus. These have expiration dates on them. These have never been used. 16). Five fragrance oil samples from Brambleberry. 17). Shea Butter from LotionCrafter (partially used) 18). ButterEZ from LotionCrafter (partially used) For more details, please visit bit.ly/soapsupplies1
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Last Updated - Tue Jan 17 2017

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