General Rules for Advertising on CraftersBuzz.

General Rules for Advertising on

Anyone can post unlimited FREE ads on this website as long as you follow the rules. This website will bring quality traffic to your own website and allow you to showcase your handmade craft products to millions of potential buyers.

THIS WEBSITE IS ABSOLUTELY FREE! Anyone contacting you and claiming to be from selling you services is a scammer. We will not contact you and try to sell you anything. Be careful and cautious and read our scammer section for more insight into online scams and be prepared for scammers trying to rip you off.

Advertising Rules:

Your ads must have some value to this website. Descriptions must be complete and accurate.

Do not post items for sale that do not fit this website. If you post used junk that you want to sell we will remove the ads and possibly remove all your craft ads.

DO NOT POST ITEMS YOU ARE BUYING FROM A CATALOG! - This website is reserved for handmade and handcrafted items and that does not include items imported from China that are pumped out by the millions!

Because we allow open and FREE advertising we must be strict to keep the website interesting to buyers. We will monitor all ads placed and will remove any ads that do not meet our criteria.

This is an independent website and we have the right to remove any ad at our discretion or remove any user from advertising.

You can use this website to generate traffic for your own website if you follow our rules. This website is here to help you sell your products, but if the ads suck or the products are lousy, the website will have no value to visitors. So include good descriptions and quality photos.

You can include your own banner up to 300x80 pixels in size. The banner will appear in all your ads and in your full gallery (if you have more than one item). The banner will link back to your own website. If you do not provide a banner, you will have a text link in its place.

Please do not do any extra advertising. Do not tell people to go to your website, there are already 2 links to your site in every ad as well as the website url. Put only the information in the ad relevant to the product. Your name, location and phone number are included in every ad. We ask that you do not put extra text trying to sell your services or products. People should be able to search our database and get good relevant results. We can only accomplish this if you keep the descriptions about the products.

Do not include links to outside websites such as eBay or If you include a link to any website other than your own, or tell people to visit any other website the ad will be removed and most likely your account closed.

Do not include affiliate links. If you are trying to link from our website to a pay per click program, your ads will be removed and your account suspended.

Do not post any item more than one time. If the item comes in multiple sizes it is considered one item. You can list product options for each item or include the options in the description. Use only one ad for each item. If items are posted more than once they will be removed. If you continue to post the same ads multiple times, your account will be removed.

You will get better results if you follow our guidelines. People will be able to find your products and you should see quality targeted traffic and positive sales.

This website is the only one of its kind. The website is totally free and provides us with a platform to market our websites hosting system while providing you an opportunity to show your crafts to millions of potential customers. We get as much benefit from the website as you do. Your craft ads bring in people that we can also market products to. So we want your ads to bring in customers as much as you do.

All the rules are here to maximize the potential search engine draw of your ads.