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Pink and blue dangle beaded earrings $6.99
Colorful pink and blue tie-dyed bead with pink and turquoise accent beads with light blue dangle bead Total size: 2 3/4" Great gift for the color loving hippie on your holiday list. Colorful beads, pink and blue, light blue dangle, dangle earrings, hippie, boho, handmade, women's, gift idea, one of a kind

Tie-dyed bead with orange and red beaded earrings $6.99
Colorful tie-dye bead in the center of orange and red accent beads drop earrings. Total size: 1 1/2" Tie-dyed bead, Red and orange beaded earrings, Drop earrings, Bright, Bold colors, Handmade, Hippie, Bohemian, Bohochic, Colorful, Sweet, Minimalist, Beaded earrings, Unique, One of a kind, Limited, Red and orange, Warm colors

Green skull and beaded drope earrings $6.99
Green skull drop earrings with green bead and black accent beads Total size: 1 3/4" Sugar skull, Day of the Dead, Green skull, Green and black beaded earrings, Drop earrings, Hippie, Boho, Green, Skulls, Fun, Delightful, Colorful, Bright, Edgy, Gothic, Handmade, Petite, Delightful, Dainty, Green, Black, Bold

White rabbit drop earrings $6.99
Silver colored rabbit charm hanging from pearly white beads drop earrings Total size: 2 1/2" Great gift for Alice in Wonderland fans. White rabbit, pearly white beads, silver-colored rabbit charm, drop earrings, women's, handmade, Alice in Wonderland, book lovers, fantasty, novelty, unique, one of a kind, original

Black and lime green rose drop earrings $6.99
Black rose bead with black and lime green accent beads with lime green drop bead drop earrings Total size: 2 1/2" Black rose, lime green beads, black beads, lime green drop bead, romantic, dark, gothic, bold, edgy, handmade earrings, drop earrings, beaded earrings, green and black, beautiful, unique, one of a kind, limited, fun, delightful, hippie, bohemian

Red peace sign and music note dangle earrings $8.99
Silver music note with navy and aqua blue accent beads hanging from red wooded peace sign, dangle earrings. Total size: 3" Red peace sign charm, Silver-colored music note charm, aqua blue and dark blue beads, silver-colored accent beads, dangle earrings, large earrings, statement earrings, hippie, bohemian, long, peace sign, music note, peace and music, handmade, modern,

Blue and silver triangle dangle earrings $10.99
Blue and silver beads hanging from silver triangle charm dangle earrings Total size: 3" Blue and silver dangle earrings, Triangle dangle earrings, Blue dangle earrings, women's, dangle earrings, hippie, boho, festival, beautiful, pretty, unique, one of a kind, original, triangle charm, fun, handmade, blue and silver, great for a gift

Blue peace sign beaded earrings $6.99
Blue peace sign bead with tie-dyed blue and green bead with silver accent beads drop earrings Total size: 2 1/4" Great gift for the holidays. Blue peace sing, peace sign, peace, blue and green, tie-dyed bead, hippie, boho, gift, handmade, women's, beaded earrings, drop earrings, one of a kind, unique, original

Pink and orange glass beaded drop earrigns $4.99
Glass beaded drop earrings with pink, orange, and clear beads Total size: 2" Glass beads, translusent white beads, pink glass beads, orange glass beads, drop earrings, handmade earrings, beaded earrings, hippie, boho, beach, sea, beautiful, cute, fun, sweet, pretty, charming, delightful, timeless, elegant, women's, one of a kind, unique, limited

Christmas wreath beaded bracelet $5.99
Christmas/Holiday beaded strech bracelet with silver-colored wreath charm, green and red wooden beads, silver-colored beads, and clear/white beads Total size: 7 3/4" Great accessory or gift for the holiday season. Christmas, holiday, green and red wooden beads, wreath charm, beaded bracelet, handmade, women's, festive, Christmas wreath, one of a kind, unique, original, charm bracelet

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