Black & Red Suede Adjustable Bracelet $10.00
This bracelet adjust to fit for your comfort. Its made using red suede, black glass roundel beads with silver grommet, an 8mm sterling silver bead, and 4 gold & crystal roundel beads. This is the perfect bracelet to wear for all the upcoming holiday events or just to add a little color to any evening outfit :) I know once you wear it you'll want to wear it everywhere ;)

Green Heart Bracelet $9.00
This is a bracelet is made with Jewelry stretch clear cord (very comfortable) & will fit any wrist between 6 1/2'' to 7 1/2''. The bracelet is made with 6mm green quartz beads, Antique silver pewter heart beads, and 2.2 mm seamless round sterling silver beads.

Red Buddha Beaded Bracelet $10.00
Embrace life with this Buddha bracelet! The Buddha represents tranquility, and love which is exactly what this bracelet should translate for you. This bracelet measures 7'' and stretches for a comfortable fit. Its made using red glass beads, diamond black glass beads, and an brass pewter Buddha head bead.

Turquoise Double Strand Bracelet $10.00
This bracelet measures 7'' and stretches for a perfect fit. Its made using turquoise beads with turquoise metal antique style spacer beads. This is a double strand bracelet and has an antique look. The turquoise color is simply beautiful and will make you feel the same.

Sapphire Blue Bracelet $10.00
This bracelet stretches for a perfect and comfortable fit. Its made using 8mm sapphire blue Czech Fire-polished beads, as well as gold and crystal roundel beads. This beautiful bracelet has a sophisticated and chic look. It reflects light in such a way that makes it sparkle as well as the person who wears it ;)

Silver & Black Bracelet $10.00
This bracelet measures 7.3'' and has a lobster claw clasp for a secure fit and elegant look. Its made using shiny black and gray glass beads, as well as silver plated shimmery spacer beads. This bracelet will add that little something extra to any outfit making you feel even prettier .

Aqua Beaded Bracelet $9.00
This bracelet is made using black jewelry elastic cord with light green and blue glass beads, as well as metal spacer beads. The beads colors are vibrant and have a clear look to them so the light will reflect through them. It's truly a beautiful bracelet that stretches for a comfortable fit and will make a perfect addition to any jewelry collection.

Blue & Silver Bracelet $9.00
This bracelet measures 7'' and does stretch for a comfortable fit. The bracelet is made using royal blue, and light blue glass beads, as well as, silver plated beads. This bracelet will make you feel anything but BLUE. The glass beads catch the light perfectly, making whoever posses this bracelet stand out :)

Green Buddha Bracelet $10.00
This bracelet measures 7'' and stretches for a comfortable fit. It is made using a mix of green glass beads, and a black pewter Buddha bead. It's the perfect reminder to look within for inner peace, and feel as peaceful as possible, Which is what the Buddha teaches us.

Black & Silver Bracelet $10.00
This bracelet is beaded on jewelry elastic cord so it stretches to fit perfectly. Will fit any wrist between 7'' to 8'' (average). The bracelet is made up of black round 9mm beads with silver plated 8mm beads. This bracelet is perfect to take any casual outfit and give it a nice touch or perfect for a night out on the town.

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