Beaded Bobby Pins $3
This is for one pair of bobby pins. If you are going to wear bobby pins in your hair, they should definitely have cute beads on them. I can make in many different colors, Some examples are pictured. Convo me with color choice & I will custom make to order. You can pick multiple colors. Color examples: Gold, Silver Lined Clear, White, Cream, Red, Pink, Hot Pink, Blue (Cobalt, light, turquoise & regular Blue), Green, Teal, Purple (light, & regular), Black, Orange. You get the idea I can do many different colors. Have fun picking, convo me & let me know what you want I will do them up, take a picture & you can get them right away.

Ammonite Fossil Earrings $30
These earrings are fabulous. I found these fabulous Ammonite Fossil's at a Gem show & had to make earrings out of them. They have a small silver bezel on the side and are open in the back showing the natural fossil. These are awesome they have pyrite(fools gold) in the fossils you can see them in the pictures. Ammonite fossils are the predecessor to the Nautilus shells of nowadays. I used sterling silver backs to finish these off. The Ammonite Fossil is approx 1 1/2" tall & 1 1/4" wide, both pieces are from the same fossil, cut and polished down the center to make a perfect match. I also have a picture of both back & front for comparison, and the last picture shows both of the backs. Enjoy

Beaded Crystal Quartz Necklace $20
This is a fabulous Quartz Crystal necklace. I have fresh water pearls accenting the center crystal and I used glass seed beads for the necklace and accented it with clear quartz. The necklace measures approx. 18" long & is finished off with a silver plated lobster claw clasp. You will love this necklace. thanks for shopping.

Ruby Dropin Drearm Earrings $25
These earrings are wonderful, they are faceted ruby drops accented with faceted rubies. These have two curved silver plated tube beads at the top, making the shape of these beads marvelous. Of course I used sterling silver for the backs. Have fun shopping, I will be putting more styles like these in different stones up soon, so keep coming back for more

These gloves will keep you warm, they are Brown Chenille Stretchy Gloves for ages 7yrs to adult. They are very soft and I crocheted a Burgandy/Brownish shade of Fun Fur at the cuff for an extra dazzle. Enjoy. I have more colors, so if you do not see what you want, convo me. I have other colors convo me if you want another color, I will let you know what is available. Thanks again

Three Beaded Bugs $5
You pick the bugs you want, and the colors - to make three total. Colors may vary, let me know what colors you like & I will do my best. These are so much fun, you can do anything with them. Hang them in the window like a sun-catcher, put them on a plant for fun, glue them on a magnet, pin, frame, mirror, sew them on a hat, coat, purse, backpack, quilt, or anything you like. You can use them in scrap-booking or making a special card. Use your imagination & go wild. They are on wire so they are posable. On the dragonflies you can have the tail straight or bent it is up to you, since it is bendable you can change your mind. I can make these in other color combos just convo me if you have a request, special order or need more qty. These are made with wire, glass seed beads & glass tube beads & a lot of love. My Dragonflies measure approx. 2 1/2" long & approx 2" wing span. The lizards measure approx 2" from the tip of the nose to the end of the loop. My butterflies measure approx. 1/2" tall not including the antennae & approx 1" wing span. The Lady Bugs measures approx. 3/4" long from bottom to top and approx. 1/2" wide. The bees measure approx 1" long. These are not for children under 3yr

Beaded Twist Droplet Necklace $12
This necklace is so versatile, you can use it for casual or dress up. It measures approx 17 1/2" and is made out of black glass seed beads & black glass droplet beads. You will absolutely love this necklace

Beaded Flower Necklace $35
This design was inspired by my daughter, I have been reading a lot of fairy books lately to her, and I call this my fairy flower Necklace. It reminds me of a fairy ring, only instead of mushrooms, it is in flowers. Soooo cute. This is a custom made to order item. You pick a color theme & the size. and I will make it up to order. This is a beaded flower (multi color) Necklace, approx 18 1/2" long with a forest green center and over a hundred beaded flowers of many colors. This is so fun & dainty looking you will love this. color options (multi color) (purples) (blues) (fall colors- brown, yellow, orange, red, black) (pinks) or a combination of colors (reds,yellows,pinks,) (pinks & purples) (blues & purples) Let me know if you have other colors you want. All colors may vary. Allow a week to make up - this necklace takes a min. of 4-5 hours to bead. I go thru each flower twice to make it a tight weave.

Dragonfly Bobby Pins $3
Special pricing- new design. This is for one pair of bobby pins. If you are going to wear bobby pins in your hair, they should definitely have cute beads on them. Colors may vary. This is for a pair of dragonfly bobby pins. Let me know what colors you want (wings, eyes, body). Some other examples of dragonfly bobby pins are shown.

Pair of Crocheted Hot Pads $8
This is for one pair of Crocheted Hot Pads. I learned how to crochet these by my Great Grandmother when I was 9yrs old. I have some color choices shown, let me know if you want me to make one pair in a certain color just for you. These measure approx 6" by 6" and are in a diamond shape with a loop at the top for hanging. Pick one pictured or convo me with what color you would like.

Three fun memory wire rings $3
This is for three glass memory wire ring. I think they look so sweet. I can do these in any color, this is some examples of some of my rings, with glass seed beads, some have Swarovski crystals in the center, or more surprises. If you are not familiar with memory wire, it is heavy duty wire that keeps its basic shape. The ring will go larger, but not smaller, so it will fit approx age 8yrs to adult. This is a great gift & if you need more, just let me know. Enjoy. I can do a large listing if you need it, with every listing of 10 or more I include some with Swarovski crystals, &/or fresh water pearls. Let me know & I can do a reserve listing, you can pick your own colors if you wish no problem. Make sure to let me know what color you wish for.

Beaded Heart Gloves $5.5
These are for pink stretchy gloves with fun beads on the cuffs. I crocheted plastic tri-beads on the top to make these some of the cutest gloves for 7yrs & up. These are fun for kids & adults alike. The gloves have gripper on the front of the gloves in multi colored hearts, all along the front of the gloves. The colors of beads used on the cuffs are opaque pink, light pink, white, light purple, opaque purple & teal & light green/teal. Enjoy

Bracelet of Glory $12
This bracelet is stunning, I used Sky Blue Chalcedony Quartz, Czech glass beads, and small glass seed beads. The bracelet measures approx 9". I can make this smaller if you want, just let me know. If finished it off with a silver plated lobster claw clasp. This bracelet matches the Ceramic Eagle of Glory necklace, check it out. Best wishes.

Kids Beaded Gloves $5.5
These are mini beaded gloves, for ages 3yrs to 7yrs. The gloves are stretchy gloves- and suppose to fit all, they don't really - Children or Adults with child size hands are best. These are sooooo cute, they are pink gloves with gripper on one side with a heart design. I crocheted plastic tri-beads on the cuff for fun. The colors I used are clear, white, pink & hot pink. Enjoy Convo me if you want any other colors & I can let you know if I have some that I can bead up for you.

Garden Green Dream Earrings $16
These are perfect for someone who likes to wear green, I started the earrings off with a glass Czech bead, then a handmade Lampwork bead, made by fellow Etsy artist Lutrick. The lampwork beads have a swirled green look, gorgeous. Next comes a Swarovski crystal, sterling silver Bali bead & then a lovely Czech glass bead, another sterling silver Bali bead and a glass seed bead to end it. I finished these off with Sterling Silver Backs. These earrings measure approx. 1 3/4" from the top of the earring backs to the bottom of the earrings. Enjoy OOAK

Dragon Necklace $15
This necklace is so cool, this is a unisex necklace. Anyone can wear it young or old. Teens love it, I put a cool pewter dragon in the center. The main portion of the necklace is black glass seed beads & I accented it with Snowflake Obsidian. The clasp is a silver plated lobster claw. This necklace measures approx 20" long. Enjoy.

Blue Earrings of Glory $12
I used Sky Blue Chalcedony Quartz, Czech glass beads, and small glass seed beads, along with sterling silver Bali beads. I finished these off with sterling silver beads. These earrings measure approx 1 1/4" long from the top of the earring backs to the bottom of the earrings. These match the Ceramic Eagle Necklace of Glory, check it out. Best wishes to you and Enjoy.

Red Hot Heart Venetian Glass Necklace $62
This necklace is so gorgeous, you will love it. I used a large Venetian glass heart for the center piece. The Venetian Glass Heart has Red, black & gold all swirled together in it. It is hard to photograph, It has a smooth gloss finish and a lovely design on both sides. I used faceted Czech glass beads, a sterling silver bead, round Czech beads & glass seed beads. I combined a double strand necklace connecting it together in various points to add a contemporary feel to this piece. I finished it off with a silver plated hook & eye clasp for easy on & off. The necklace measures approx 21" long, add approx 2 1/4" for the dangle and heart centerpiece.

Ceramic Eagle Necklace of Glory $52
This necklace is stunning, I used Sky Blue Chalcedony Quartz, Czech glass beads, and small glass seed beads along the main part of the necklace. The center piece is a handmade (just not by me) ceramic eagle with a ladies face in the center. It is stunning, and the necklace measures approx 22" long, add approx 2 1/4" for the Ceramic Eagle centerpiece. I have matching earrings & a bracelet if you are interested check it out. I finished it off with a silver plated lobster claw clasp. You will love this necklace it is a one of a kind.

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