Western Cowboy on Horse Womens' shirt $28.00
Ride 'em cowboy!! What a fun shirt to make!!! I love the brown fringe!!! An image of a cowboy riding a horse on fabric is bonded to a red shirt and outlined in colorful fabric paint. As an added touch, brown fringe is sewn on near the neckline. Women sizes available: Small (one already made) Medium Large Extra Large

Yellow Miniature Pink and Yellow Rose Garden Shirt $30.00
Beautiful womens' shirt with mini yellow and pink roses! Fabric with images of yellow and pink roses is bonded around the edge of the neckline of a yellow shirt, womens' cut. Roses and leaves are outlined with colorful fabric paint. As an added touch, I used crystal fabric paint on some of the rose petals to highlight and give an added sparkly effect! Womens' sizes available: Small Medium (one already available) Large Extra Large

Toddlers/Childrens Happy Valentines Day Shirt $24.00
Happy Valentines Day! Your little toddler or older girl will look so cute wearing this shirt designed and made with love, hugs and kisses! An image on fabric of a clothesline hanging hearts is bonded to the shirt, and lace outlines the heart shape. Red, pink, and white fabric paint spells out "Happy Valentines Day" on the hanging hearts. For a sparkly touch, every heart is painted with crystal paint. Ribbon decorated with hearts and a red heart-shaped button are firmly and securely sewn to the shirt. Ribbon is sewn along the edges of the sleeves. Available in toddler sizes and children sizes. Available in red shirt and pink shirt. Red shirt has pink heart ribbon on the sleeves. Pink shirt has red heart ribbon on the sleeves.

Down on the Farm Shirt $18.00
Yee-haw! Down on the farm! This is a cute, 24-month size, 60% cotton/40% polyester, red shirt for either a farm girl or country boy! Large blue denim pocket-shape is bonded to the shirt and blue fabric paint outlines the pocket shape. A farm scene with a farmhouse, horses pulling a farmer riding his wagon, pigs and chickens with a background of hills and trees is bonded to the pocket shape and outlined in forest green fabric paint.

Schoolhouse Teachers Shirt $18.00
Need a gift for that special teacher in your child's life? Or are you a teacher who wants to treat yourself? This is an adorable schoolhouse theme short sleeve red shirt. Fabric with colorful images of school buses, arithmetic, rulers, apples, and spelling is bonded to the shirt and then outlined in red fabric paint. Available in the following adult sizes: Small Medium Large Extra Large

Carousel Horse Shirt $15.00
Calling all horse lovers! This 12-month size, 100% cotton, colorful shirt is very sparkly for a cute, horse-loving girl! Three colorful carousel horses, pink, yellow and green, are bonded to a green shirt and glittery fabric paint adds a nice, sparkly touch. Perfect for horse loving kiddos who love sparkly sparkles!

Dinosaur Stampede Shirt $27.00
Calling all dinosaur lovers! This will be a favorite of your little amateur paleontologist! 24-month size, 100% cotton, blue shirt has colorful tyrannosaurus rex, triceratops, brontosaurus, stegosaurus, and pteranodon dinosaurs scattered throughout and bonded to the shirt. Each dinosaur and its name are outlined in colorful fabric paint. Several different dinosaur colorful footprints are painted in between the various dinosaurs on the shirt. As a final touch to this very decorative shirt, dinosaur theme ribbon is sewn onto the sleeves, with colorful pictures of dinosaurs and footprints and their names. Sure to receive many compliments!

Daisy Kingdom Garden Onesie $12.00
Absolutely adorable! Your little one will look sooo very cute in this size 3-6 month, 100% cotton, pink onesie! Daisy Kingdom fabric is bonded to pink onesie, with pink and white fabric paint outlining the image. Daisy Kingdom bunnies are holding flowers and baskets and dressed in a pink dress and blue dresses. Flowers and hearts border the edges of the image.

Christmas Gingerbread onesie $10.00
Merry Christmas! Your little one will look so cute and sweet wearing this Christmas Gingerbread onesie! This is a 0-3 month size, 100% cotton onesie with gingerbread boy and girl and gingerbread house images on fabric bonded to the onesie and then outlined in a tan color fabric paint. Great for a new baby girl or baby boy...matching big sister Christmas Gingerbread Little Girl shirt and Christmas Gingerbread Big Girl shirt available...view them in my shop!

Christmas Gingerbread Big Girl shirt $22.00
Merry Christmas! This is an adorable and sweet gingerbread girl shirt for an adorable and sweet girl! Gingerbread girls and boys and gingerbread house images on fabric are bonded to the red shirt, medium 10-12 size, 50% cotton/50% polyester, and outlined in a tan color fabric paint. As a final touch, a hand-sewn red bow with white polkadots is added to the large gingerbread girl's head. Great for a big sister...matching baby Christmas Gingerbread onesie for girl or boy and even a little sister Christmas Gingerbread Little Girl shirt available...view them in my shop!

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